“MOMMA I made IT!”…in every format Yvonne Orji

MOMMA I MADE IT!!! DADDY I MADE IT!!!! Something every child who is fortunate enough to tell their surviving parent that they have made it. How satisfying is that? I’m almost two months overdue for my review, but DELAY IS NEVER DENIAL…SIS.

I gathered the little free time that I had and binge watch all of the 4th season of Insecure and sprinkled a grand finale by watching Yvonne’s HBO comedy documentary, ‘MOMMA I MADE IT’. Throughout the documentary, I felt proud, elated, and grateful to not only see Yvonne’s growth but being able to easily relate to the overall message and as a fellow Igbo-Nigerian. Some takeaways I want to acknowledge:


Yvonne has always been about the CULTURE and for the culture. The most appreciative aspect of this film that I will FOREVER take with me is how she chose to showcase home: Nigeria. There would be no Yvonne without Port Harcourt, the city of Lagos and other towns within the surrounding area, as well as showcasing her family members and parents. She not only chose to drive in secluded cars, but also walk the streets, ask questions to vendors, bring you into her and our world: the enjoyment and simple life that most of us as first-generation Nigerians look forward to when going over for holiday, funerals, weddings, and simple visits. NAIJA! A country with 200+ languages, population to superior, various foods, tribes, affluence, nightlife, celebs, you NAME IT. There is a reason for various meanings why Nigeria is called the GIANT OF AFRICA. The way Yvonne allowed you to step inside and welcome you with a glimpse of Nigeria, was so beautiful and well done.

Not only the grand invitation, but can we get into her gift boxes that she sent to various celebrities and close family and friends? I literally have or tasted everything that was highlighted, but I simply WANTED THE GIFT BOX. She had jewelry, ankara, clothing, gele, chin chin, recipes to some famous dishes, african shea butter and the list goes on. Sis, it was truly FOR THE CULTURE. Great way to pay homage.


Yvonne has always screamed energy, but the taping of this comedy show that she did at Howard Theatre in Washington, DC,…..listen, YVONNE CAME WITH IT! The outfit, the hair, the Mary J. Blige designer Stiletto boots, and the dancing not just made it a comedy show you sit in your seat and laugh at jokes that you can relate to, but Yvonne made it a party for everyone.


Most Africans can agree to the expectations from their parents of becoming an engineer, lawyer, or medical doctor. Usually in some households, that is your only option. Yvonne is not the first African or Nigerian that got to the final stretch of fitting that stereotype before diverting to something completely opposite and excel at it. First of all, most Africans, first-generations, and the diaspora who were raised with a strategic mentality are self-sufficient. We can do ANYTHING. Anything. Yvonne also graduated with her Masters of Public Health from my alma mater of the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University, and if Yvonne ever chooses to change her mind and say, “hey, maybe I would like to switch up the career and actually pursue medicine.” She has the credentials. She can easily go an do just that, but I myself and I think she would agree that this entertainment wave for her as an actress and other opportunities that have been blessed her way have been working out extremely well. We thank God for growth, evolving, and acceptance in society.

Parentals. “I am NOTHING without them.”

Yvonne expresses the true gratitude of all that her parents have done for her. Whether it is a little milestone or letting her parents know of her next plan. You can tell that her parents are extremely proud of her as well. The sacrifice simply does not go unnoticed.

Aside from the HBO documentary, a HUGE congratulations also goes out to Yvonne for being nominated by the Emmy’s for ‘Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series’ on July 28, 2020. In addition to other nominations that Insecure as a cast received. All the best in securing the award Yvonne!

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Instagram & Twitter: @YvonneOrji

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