BHM Feature: Tay

To fall in love with some people I follow on Instagram is an understatement. When I ran into Tay, I loved him for his simplicity and chic-ness as he presented his content. I also loved the aesthetic he presented that he realized I was promoting his pictures. After an exchange of friendly chatter, he agreed to be featured on my site and I want to thank Tay for being there for me and showing his Transparency in the process. In honor of BHM, featuring Tay Drayton.

Tay Drayton in London, UK

question: what is your name? do you go by any nicknames? 

answer: my name is Tay Drayton & I currently do not have any nicknames at the moment, lol. 

question: how did you get into the field of the digital creator and hone your own touch to the industry? 

answer: I remember I would take lots of fashion pictures and just post. years later, I realized I was good at taking photos, editing, and creating content and what was missing was my brand presence. it wasn’t clear what my niche was and that’s when I started experimenting in different fields which then evolved into expressing gender fluidity through fashion. 

question: how long have you been a digital creator? 

answer: I’ve been a digital creator for 10 years now. so funny thing is, I’ve been a digital creator before it was called digital creator. I just didn’t know at the time that’s what I was doing. 

question: you state that you are busy bending gender, how so? 

answer: so what I mean by that is I am constantly pushing the boundaries and breaking the social constructs of what’s acceptable for a man to wear vs what’s acceptable for a woman to wear. as a gender-fluid individual, such rules aren’t applicable to me. if I want to wear a dress and heels today and then sneakers and a baseball cap tomorrow, I can do that. I’m showing people that you can wear whatever you want and not let gender be the reason to stop you from exploring and unleashing your creativity. 

question: in honor of black history month, I would like to highlight black-owned businesses and it states you are the CEO of @organizingninjas, can you elaborate more on the business?

answer: yes, so organizing ninjas came about 5 years ago when I lived in my first apartment and I needed to declutter items. I went from living in a 3 story townhouse in new jersey to living in a 250 square foot studio apartment in manhattan with about 60 boxes of clothes. so I had to get rid of a lot of stuff and what came from that was I actually don’t need as much stuff as I think I did and from that, I said I wanted to help other people who may be going through the same relationship that I once had with stuff. that’s how the business started. 

in honor of black history month (BHM), I want you to tell me your favorites out of each listed category; they don’t necessarily need to be black, but your favorite is more of the idea; if it doesn’t apply to you skip to the next one:

1. Actor/actress

2. Black-owned business

3. Fashion Designer

4. Location/ travel spot

5. Favorite food

6. Favorite restaurant

7. Favorite Broadway play

8. Favorite TV show

9. Favorite clothing store

10. Favorite musician

11. Favorite artist

answer: so not many favorites. either I love something or I don’t. for the few favorites, I do have are; favorite food is french fries hands down! they need to be more potato and less fried. bonus points if they have a little truffle in them. favorite clothing store: Prada. the pieces in Prada are minimalist & timeless. two things I look for in fashion & favorite black-owned business: emollient. they are an amazing black-owned business that provides luxury and sustainable body butter. I’ve been using their jars of butter for a month now and ever since, I haven’t used anything else ever again 😃

question: for the fans and new followers, what’s your Instagram or other methods to follow you on social media?

answer: all social media accounts are @tay.drayton 😃


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