Your Transparency is BEAUTIFUL.

We are a transparency website built on the foundation of mental health awareness and being successful in hobbies, education, career, personal interests and various hustles through sharing your personal story to inspire others..

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe in a world where everyone’s voice is heard. We believe in uplifting each other through personal testimonials and success stories. We believe in NO STIGMATIZATION. We believe in a world where there is opportunity and second chances for people who have been diagnosed with mental health and were told “NO“. We believe in promotion to INSPIRE others and let them know they are not alone, through any sector, any craft, and any interest. Welcome to TRANSPARENCY IS BEAUTIFUL.



How. You. Can. INSPIRE.


When this blog/website was initially created, I used to interview friends, colleagues, and people I used to reach out to in highlighting their transparency in whatever they were willing to share. They would be featured on the ‘TRANSPARENT(s) at their FINEST‘ section of this website. I always attempt to reach out to celebs in highlighting them; if I can’t reach them in a timely manner, I write a mini-biography/excerpt on why I think their Transparency is BEAUTIFUL. I also have a HUSTLE… HUSTLE, Hustle HARD! section, where I highlight entrepreneurs and people who would want to promote their venture or business. We only learn from each other when we showcase one’s talents. Come and share your personal story by participating with me!

Become a Volunteer In your Community

Many people don’t know when it comes to mental illness, there are various volunteer opportunities to promote awareness. For example if you follow various organizations that advocate for mental health, you can support through donating or participating in events that support your interests. Also, this could be paid/unpaid, but many people volunteer their time by working as a monitor on a psychiatric unit in the hospital. Although the work is strenuous (at times) it can be very rewarding, and you do not know the IMPACT that you can leave on someone’s life once they are discharged from the hospital. I wish people did this more often.


The most invaluable gift that you can offer the world is awareness. Whether you are advocating and promoting information about mental health, beauty tips, career mentoring, YOU NAME IT, just continue to SPREAD AWARENESS.


Blogs/Written Commentary