From tomfoolery to a CHANGEMAKER: NASO clothing by Uyi Omorogbe

I ran into this guy on Instagram and immediately fell in LOVE, not only by the tomfoolery, but the message behind the tomfoolery. Here I come on to my instastory and see my friend Joy’s instastory and all I saw was laughing emojis. I look at the guy from afar on the screen and clearly off top know the guy is African and looking at the dad, I immediately think West African. I click on the link and immediately start watching with tears and laughter as myself could relate to that same reaction coming from African dad IF I was that bold to accomplish some of the tasks that Uyi was doing to his own. The more I watched, I was like this guy is Naija….he’s MAD oh!!! But I could not simply take my eye off of these compilation of tik toks. He surprises at the end of his actual venture in the world of fashion and how he has used the funds he has made off of profit from the fashion to build schools for children in Africa, primarily starting in his hometown/village in Nigeria. So there is meaning behind the tomfoolery I say. And Uyi can really sing a tune too.

The Instagram Post of Uyi that changed my perception and simply made me want to SUPPORT

I was so MOVED by this young man’s endeavors that I immediately thought, how can I support? For me, that is to put my money where my mouth is. I immediately went to his website and saw the site as I was still in celebratory mode of JUNETEENTH and spending. Around that time for the culture, Uyi also announced a sale on the men’s tops. Instead of being selfish and buying for myself as I splurged enough on me, I immediately call my baby cousin/brother Christopher and ask him for his shirt size and mailing address. That he should expect at least two shirts within a week and a half’s time. I did just that.

I tell Chris to take a photo shoot in the shirt as I can also promote Uyi’s work in real time. Of course, my cousin does not know how to take pics, so it took several tries of instruction but I told him the exact vision of what I wanted, the lighting, and the portrait mode he should utilize. I was so PROUD of the final turnout. I then ask Chris to describe NASO clothing in 3 words. He gives the following: FLASHY, TRADITIONAL, and COLORFUL. Well said Christopher!!



GO AND SUPPORT NASO!!!! To support his movement, donate, or purchase from his fashion line, visit




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