“Don’t Forget Who You Are”

Everyone who KNOWS me knows that one of my favorite rappers and lyricist is Common.  When this album came out, A BEAUTIFUL REVOLUTION (PT. 1), I fell in love again.  There is hope in hip hop/rap music. One of my favorite songs on the album is “Don’t Forget Who You Are.” And I close Black HistoryContinue reading ““Don’t Forget Who You Are””

Creating BLACK history within BHM: Ketanji Brown Jackson

Now that’s how you do black history at the end of the month! On February 25, 2022, President Joe Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. WOW. That’s all I can say. There is not a person more deserving of the nomination if she is confirmed. You canContinue reading “Creating BLACK history within BHM: Ketanji Brown Jackson”

BHM Feature & History: Sir Lady Java

All communities should learn about this incredible person, Sir Lady Java. I got to learn a little bit about her as I’ve been researching various people for Black History Month. To some Sir Lady Java speaks for the Trans community, for others she represents the exotic dancer movement, and to most, Sir Lady Java simplyContinue reading “BHM Feature & History: Sir Lady Java”

9 things that simply wouldn’t exist without BLACK women

Caller ID, Conditioner, Hairbrush, Home Security Systems, 3D Movies, Hair Weaving/Sew-ins, The Curling Iron, GIF animation, The Ironing Board… where would we be without these things in our lives? Some of these items are essentials if not enjoyment for the entertainment of things. Well lets give credit where credit is due, (in the order ofContinue reading “9 things that simply wouldn’t exist without BLACK women”

BHM Feature: Tay

To fall in love with some people I follow on Instagram is an understatement. When I ran into Tay, I loved him for his simplicity and chic-ness as he presented his content. I also loved the aesthetic he presented that he realized I was promoting his pictures. After an exchange of friendly chatter, he agreedContinue reading “BHM Feature: Tay”

Happy Lover’s Day

Feliz Dia Dos Namorados. What’s your favorite love language? Is it food? Is it travel? Is it being a workaholic? Is it flowers, roses to be specific? Are they premium chocolates shaped in a heart or spread out on a plate? As we embark on Valentine’s or Lovers Day, let us make sure we notContinue reading “Happy Lover’s Day”

Black History: Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler

This week we were able to honor our physicians and earlier in the week (February 8, 2022) we celebrated Black Women Physicians’ Day! Black physicians only account for 2 percent of total physicians. (WOW). If you are a black women physician, you have a lot to be proud of let alone stating that you areContinue reading “Black History: Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler”

Days of Grief… the state of the black mind

Just before we fell into February, on January 30, 2022, former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst died and was described as a suicide from jumping off of her 60-story apartment building in New York. I believe there was no ill intent that Cheslie was displaying before attempting this suicide, so the news of her death cameContinue reading “Days of Grief… the state of the black mind”

The Blog posts live on…

Happy new month! When I last posted in August for the features I stated that those postings would be the last to see in a while. And I meant that not for any intentional reason, but I felt the people I featured was an excellent combination that I did not want to share the spaceContinue reading “The Blog posts live on…”

Adieu, my dear Adelaide

Wow, words can’t explain how I feel. When my mother was asking me when we last spoke, I responded a little over a month because we were busy playing phone tag where either of us were available on the initial call. That’s when my mom broke the news to me, Ady has passed on. WhatContinue reading “Adieu, my dear Adelaide”