Through my EYES, a VISION state of mind

My tagline for the site first starts by saying “Get OUT”. For the ones who seen the movie, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) had succumbed at one point to the Sunken Place, and with the help of the Armitages, would have stayed in the SUNKEN Place if he did not snap out of it.

There is nothing nice about being in the Sunken Place, but succumbing and being paralyzed by the institutions whose main goal is to keep you at a low point.  For me, the Sunken Place are the psychiatric wards, especially the patients who stay and remain, go through circulation of hospitals within the area, and the rest of their life is dictated by the psychiatric wards.  It honestly is saddening to see.  For someone like me, who actually gets discharged and come back to a society that is free bound, I later wonder what happened to specific co-patients that I encountered and pray and hope that everything is well with them.  The psychiatric ward is a place that no person, even at their worst, should be and if I had a way to say remove psychiatric wards, I would.  The thing is that there are serious mental issues that need to be addressed and the psychiatric ward does a great job by hindering that behavior for the time that they are under supervision.

I’ve seen and witnessed former incarcerated, people with anger problems, etc. come to the psychiatric ward so that they serve a lesser sentence and can go back in society; they may even come into the hospital after me and be discharged before me.  All I do is keep a tunnel vision so that I can get the help I need with my medicine regimen and get out. Keeping a right state of mind allows you to see things clearly for what it is.  I urge everyone to take care of their mental health so they don’t succumb to the ‘Sunken Place’. Treat yourself to self-therapy, go to the spa, exercise on a weekly regimen, make sure you are eating the proper foods, and most importantly, increase your sleep health.

evalina sketch
Sketch of myself by a fellow patient when I was in the hospital of October 2017
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