America: Our SAD reality

I don’t know how many times we can express our frustration and remain humble at the same time. It’s not even been two complete months since my Black bodies article and again we are dealing with another severe form of police brutality. Fortunately, Jacob Blake did not lose his life, but now because of theContinue reading “America: Our SAD reality”

Because in times like these, make sure you are taking care of your mental health.

Seek help when needed. Acknowledge your feelings. With all the current events going on within our community on violence, police brutality, senseless killings, it is important that we take charge of our health. OUR MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS.

JOKER: a thriller with the depiction of mental illness

This past weekend I went with my cousins to go see the movie, Joker, a highly anticipated and well-reviewed thriller/drama. At first, based off of the image of the movie release and my prior knowledge of the role of the Joker from Batman movies, I instantly thought that the movie would depict horror all through.Continue reading “JOKER: a thriller with the depiction of mental illness”