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I want to highlight my fellow entrepreneurs on this page highlighting and showcasing their craft.  Transparency through entrepreneurship is key to increase your netWORK and netWORTH.

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Shana, CEO/Founder of Rest Ritual.

Hustle, Hustle,…..HUSTLE Hard is BACK!!! Everyone say hello to Ms. Shana N. ! CEO/founder of Rest Ritual. I first met Shana through an Instagram LIVE with CRWN Magazine where Shana offered a free sound bath through the live. Trust, it felt like I was actually in the same room with Shana once I put my headphones in (a true experience). Shana brought so much light and positivity to the session that I immediately had to follow her, and you should too! I promise your life will feel lighter on the daily load that the world brings.

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  1. Q: What is the name of your company/hustle? Is there a meaning behind the name?
    1. A:Rest Ritual. We create rituals and events for rest and reconnection to Spirit
  2. Q: What year was your company/hustle established?
    1. A:2018
  3. Q: I want to learn more about your sound bath journey, who or what first intrigued you into getting into the business of sound baths and why?
    1. A:I was an exhausted entrepreneur and mother. I have owned my own salon business for over 15 years and it was highly successful. But I didn’t know how to turn off my brain or get good rest. I’ve alway sought natural remedies for lifes ailments. I attended a sound bath on New Years day and the depth of the rest and clarity I received in 1 hour seemed like 3 months of vacation and I had clarity on the next steps in my salon business.
  4. 4. Q: Is there a special training that one must go through to performing sound baths?
    1. A:I was trained 1:1 for a year. I trained in sound baths, learned physics, music theory, psychology and studied high level sleep studies. I also trained in high level reiki, based on sound theory.
  1. Q: What are the therapeutic benefits of a sound bath?
    1. A: Yes. Too many to explain here. But the most beneficial is the mental and physical relief. Sound resonates in the places of your mind and body that are out of balance and restores you
  2. Q: Who is your inspiration in the sound bath world/enterprise?
    1. A: Sara Auster is my sound bath inspiration and Tracee Stanley is my ULTIMATE inspiration for my work in rest and restoration as a spiritual path and way of life.
  3. Q: Are there other talents that you try to specialize in? Please list then here?
    1. A: I am an initiated priestess in the Mami Wata Voodun tradition of Togo/Benin. This is the path of the healer and the prophetess. 90% of my sound baths include a channeled message from Spirit. I am a gifted hair stylist and business person
  4. Q: Is there anyone you want to mention/shoutout for how far you’ve come on your sound bath journey?
    1. A: Danielle Hall (sound bath mentor )and Octavia Raheem(Yogi and Friend) . They walked the journey before me and welcomed me on the road
  5. Q: What is your ultimate goal for performing sound baths (be on a worldly stage, go to global conferences, travel and perform, etc.)?
    1. A: I here as a hollow bone. Meaning whatever Spirit brings to me, Im willing to be a channel. But REAL TALK Michelle Obama and Fraaaannnnns! An intimate gathering with Mrs. Obama and her closest friends would be an honor. Also an incredibly honor would be to give a sound bath for my Mother’s Mama Zobe and Mama Zogdede who teach me the road of Mami Wata

–General TRANSPARENT Questions–

1. Q: Have you ever felt on giving up on/in life? Whatwas/is your biggest motivator?

A:YEP! Definitely have and have honestly tried and (give thanks to God) failed. My biggest motivations for life are my Son and my Ancestors. Also my friends and family holde me, love me and are always there for me. So when it gets tough I have so many people who love me to call, visit or who just magically show up anytime Im feeling truly lost. The power of love and spirit are priceless.

11. Q: What is the piece of advice you would give others who are trying to achieve similar goals that you have accomplished?

A:. Email me. If I can’t help I know someone in this industry who will, if you have a true heart we will help you achieve your goal.

  1. Q: Which celeb do you most admire? And why?
    1. a. A:none
  2. Q: For people to get ‘Connect With Shana’, what platforms would you leave to your potential followers(Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SquareSpace, etc.)?
    1. IG @connectwithshana and my website
  3. Q: Lastly, what does ‘Transparenecy Is Beautiful’ mean to you? How do you show your inner self to others? Do you consider yourself a public or private person?
    1. A: Transparency is simple honesty. Im a private person.
Shana performing one of her sound bath sessions

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