Evalina C. Ikpoh, Founder/CEO to ‘Transparency is BEAUTIFUL’

Life isn’t transpired in a straight trajectory line.  If you find a person who attests to that….enlighten me.  I would love to converse with her/im or interview to ask questions that can have me better understand myself and how I can maintain a straight line.

Life has its bumps, curves, ditches and construction work zones that can bring you to a halt.  What I take from life is that you don’t just stop when you hit these road blocks, but that maneuvering and working your way through the struggle gives you a better outcome.

My life obstacle(s) that hit me started at the tender age of 18 and set age of life changes at 20 when I lost my father to T-cell lymphoma cancer.  I was also sick when he was sick, where at the age of 20 I was diagnosed with having bipolar I disorder (still sometimes feel I was misdiagnosed based on the treatment of the physicians and hospital in their protocol).

At the age of 20, if you follow the normal protocol, you should be a sophomore in college, meaning my education should be half done.  Instead of being half-done, I had to put up the good fight for myself and my father when he was alive, and make sure that upon medical leaves I return to school, keep up with the counselors, and make sure that even if I had the delay, I would graduate with my Bachelors.  I will never forget when my dad as sick as he was took me to The Johns Hopkins University 2009 commencement to confirm with me that I will graduate from the university that I worked so hard to get into.  May 23, 2013, I received my Bachelors of Arts in Natural Sciences Area major/Women, Gender, & Sexuality minor with my younger sister at The Johns Hopkins University.  When they told me No, I kindly responded with YES.

Sky is the LIMIT.  Keep on pressing on.  I keep pushing and pressing.  May 18, 2017, I walked at commencement as a candidate for my Masters of Public Health at The George Washington University and defended my CE/thesis on December 1, 2017.  My next step that I choose to conquer and tackle is medical school as I’m currently preparing to retake the MCAT, while working during the interim.

Life is still giving me bumps.  There are times I realize I might have to go to the hospital for medicine regimen tune-up or just because I don’t feel well.  Despite these life bumps, I continue to persevere and share my testimony so I can inspire others.

This website is not for monetary gain.  I simply made the site to have a therapeutic way of showcasing my transparency.  I eventually would like my site to be on a global platform where fellow TRANSPARENTS are interviewed and we share our common struggles while enlightening others.  

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