Ma’Khia Bryant. SAY HER NAME. Protect Black children, Protect black women.

My’Khia Bryant picture at a protest in Columbus, Ohio

It’s too much to internalize, that sometimes we need rest. I’m numbed by the trauma that people of color, Black people face everyday at the hands of police. Another death. For My’Khia Bryant….SAY HER NAME.

Later on today, on the 22nd day of April, we will lay Daunte Wright to rest. An innocent boy of the deadly Minneapolis that was pulled over by police for an air freshener and was shot to death by the confusion of a taser with a handgun. We lay Daunte to rest as the TV continues to replay and replay a graphic image of My’Khia Bryant’s downfall at the hands of the police. I just want to know the details, I don’t want to see the graphics yet I have no control as the body cam footage is displayed to the world. 4 shots. One person. Pronounced dead at the scene. What could we have done better?

As the investigation and the opinion of others start, I slowly digress because I know this incident would have ended deadly no matter if the 4 shots of the bullet were released by the officer. It would have either been death by the bullet, or death by the knife that My’Khia was holding in her hand was shown as proof by the body cam in slow motion. A lose lose situation as the police officer would have been perceived as wrong either way. Black on black crime by the fight that resulted in a life lost. And then we ask why wasn’t less deadly force used by the police officer when they arrived on the scene? News anchors and law enforcement analysts saying this use of the gun was appropriate for the situation. My mind wonders because I feel the death could have been prevented on both ends. My’Khia Bryant, I SAY YOUR NAME. We need police reform. We need justice. It’s time that things change.

“From my point of view. 4 shots. With the panic of the officer, we could have been saying two names instead of one death.”

We need to protect black women. We need to protect black children. Period. I was talking to a friend as I checked up on her, and we were discussing how the world, especially in the U.S., ‘adultifies’ black children. Yes, My’Khia is a woman, BUT, she was a child. A CHILD. Our society needs to stop objectifying our children. My’Khia was barely 16 years old. That’s a CHILD, and NOT an adult. And now a mother and father have lost their child, yet again. We must do better.

As we continue to protest, let us keep up the good fight because now we have to lay one of our own to rest, AGAIN.

I don’t want to be traumatized by another black death, but as I say that, another one of our own is fighting for their life. Somewhere, somehow.

I look forward to the George Floyd Police Reform Bill. We MUST do better.

I would love to see other people’s thoughts and point of views as I welcome everyone’s opinion. If you have a voice, utilize it.

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Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them. ~Vincent McNabb

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