We are NOT okay. However we persevere.

Painting of George Floyd during a Black Lives Matter protest

George Floyd murder trial. Daunte Wright. Both homicides occurring in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Adam Toledo. All at the hands of police. Over five mass killings in the past month. Can we get a break?!

We are TIRED.

Fatigued from the constant news. Worn out from the drama. We protest in solidarity and are confused as being ‘combative’. Major cities taking the initiative to guard their territory and protect buildings, whether the George Floyd murder case is found innocent or guilty. “A bad tree does not yield good apples.” Avoiding unrest. We are tired, fatigued, and worn out. But yet, we persevere.

“9 minutes and 29 seconds.” We can’t breathe.

Please officer, I can’t BREATHE.” The empathy and ill feeling we hear from his voice.  George Floyd said it best, with the knee to his neck. I CAN’T BREATHE as he fought for his life.  He may have lost his life, but we persevere to bring justice to his name and the many others that have died at the hands of the ones who are designed to ‘protect’, but kill us off.  WHEN CAN WE GET SOME AIR?!





What are you doing to protect your mental health, your sanity?

To people of color, PROTECT YOUR HEALTH. I know it’s draining to constantly internalize loss, but it’s important to protect your sanity. MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS. You matter. Stay abreast, but remain humble. Talk to your loved ones and appreciate them. Go to a therapist, we all need to vent at some point in time. To our allies, check on close associates to make sure that we are okay. Because we are not, YET, we PERSEVERE.

Published by evalinanoteve

Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them. ~Vincent McNabb

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