Giving you your flowers when you are alive and now I lay a bouquet because you are gone. To my friend, MY sister, my Kay Slay

Kaylynn ‘Kay Slay’ Selvey

Are you kidding me?!” My instant response as I was in the hospital and got the sad news from my sister during our routine daily calls. My Kay Slay was Dead. I went into instant shock when I realized she passed the day I went to the Hospital, February 5th and a vigil and funeral/repass was already celebrated in her honor. After getting off the phone with my sister, I immediately call my bestie to confirm what I was hearing. Make it make sense I say.

As sad as I was, I was content knowing that alot of people showed for all ceremonies and the fundraising for her daughter, KayMarie as she was an avid single-mother who would give her whole world to her child. I was content because I did give my Kaylynn her flowers when she was alive. Anytime we would link up. I never missed her bday celebrations as of late and made sure to go to KayMarie’s if I was given proper notice. I supported Kaylynn in her endeavors when she used to sing at the Singers Lounge and supported and encouraged her with her newest venture: Nani Pot Steam.

Kaylynn was the type of person who would always leave you with a smile let alone laughter; she was hilarious and one of the comedians of the group. She was also empathetic and an excellent caregiver to her grandma and others when it came to doing people’s hair, arranging their outfits (a true fashionista), and a confidante for others.

I remember when I first met Kaylynn in seventh grade (2000-01). Kaylynn was a fighter when she had to be, singing in the hallways, and sometimes her and I would greet each other at the tardy tank. Kaylynn was apart of our infamous S.I.S.T.A.H.O.O.D. group that still holds strong until this day.

There are so many things I can recollect on my Kay Slay, but what I will do since I gave her flowers when she was alive….here’s your bouquet boo. You LIVED your life with your own life lessons and no turning back as you became stronger and stronger in your womanhood. Remember #soberLIFE . I’m so Proud of you, I’m proud to know you, and I am privileged to be your friend. Until we meet again my Kay Slay! 💐💐

With love, Evalina.

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Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them. ~Vincent McNabb

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