Our Black SUPERHERO. Our BLACK ROYALTY. “I’ve lost my mate.” Chadwick Boseman

My tribute to my ‘ROYALTY’

This weekend for most who were fortunate like myself to be in the presence of the 50th anniversary on the March on Washington in DC on August 28, 2020. People were empowered and filled with FULL JOY for how many pulled up despite circumstances of COVID-19 and trying to make the event as virtual as possible with the planning committee unsure of the expected turnout. The light quickly dimmed that night with the breaking news of the unfortunate passing of our dear Chadwick Boseman. I remember where I was on a night dinner date with my girls Amaka and Erica at Soi 38 in NW DC when around 10:36pm the news notification popped up on my screen that Chadwick had passed. You could have shot a bullet on my rib and I wouldn’t even have know I had gotten shot. Chai. This hit me HARD. Us girls quickly started reminiscing, Amaka unexpectedly breaks down in tears 😭, like total SHOCK.

This death since my father’s has me all forms of messed up. Same irie feeling and that’s how I know Chadwick’s passing, to me was like FAMILY. Several days to digest, first couple of days in a low state of mind while in total shock, to when you actually realize what is going on around you, is when the explicit grieving suddenly hits. I’m so honored to have been in your presence in 2018 physically. Something I will cherish til my last days. Chadwick will forever have my respect for having the diaspora who had even no regard for Africans want to pay homage to the ANCESTORS. Name another event where people are pulling up to the movie theatre in full african garb to watch Black Panther, of all races?! I’ll wait.

Some takeaways:

Chadwick gave us Gods of Egypt, Captain America, Message from the King, Marshall, Black Panther, Avengers Infinity War & Endgame, 21 Bridges, and Da 5 Bloods since his prognosis of stage III colon cancer that went to stage IV and doing chemotherapy and surgeries in between. As someone who has dealt with an immediate who got diagnosed with cancer at the latest of stages, the intensity of chemo given and it’s strength, you still see Chadwick looking handsome and put together, hair still INTACT. Chadwick you are UNTOUCHABLE and one of a kind during OUR time. Sadly I didn’t even pay attention to Chadwick’s thinning appearance as of recent, but I did hear about critics discussing his appearance and used to get so livid on what I would hear. In the back of my head, I was thinking “what if Chadwick is preparing for a movie role that had to make him lose weight?” And this whole time, now all these critics, HE WAS SIMPLY JUST FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE. Shame on you. Lesson to be learned: BE KIND.

His SUPPORT SYSTEM. One lesson Chadwick will teach you is that his inner circle ⭕️ acted ACCORDINGLY. My college big sis Sheyna said this earlier on her instastory: the fact that his inner circle had been by his side and kept this for 4 whole years….! Wow. How many of you can even trust your secret not being dispersed for at least one year? Chadwick’s circle….those are the REAL ones and I know who continued to keep Chadwick upkept and high in spirit through these past 4 years. God bless you. Not only that, can we talk about his beautiful wife, Taylor Ledward?! They had secretly even got married within this past year and have been in a relationship for years. Every person’s dream is to find their soulmate, get married, start a family and have children….but how many of you would have took the door 🚪 when you found out some of your future aspirations would be cut short before you could even begin? How many of you choose to walk out of a relationship or let alone a marriage when your partner even has an ailment or illness? Taylor DIDN’T walk out and that is what you call a TRUE LOVE. Not even when she knew from the beginning that she would have to be in a relationship to see her love fight his final years and days without even establishing a legacy amongst themselves. I absolutely commend this woman and her strength. Chadwick acknowledged Taylor at the NAACP awards last year and literally stated she has been right beside him the whole time and he loves her. Their love is BEAUTIFUL and is the definition of what you call SOULMATES. Now unfortunately with Chadwick’s passing, I want to keep Taylor lifted up in TOTAL PRAYER that she continues to exude this inner strength that she has always possessed from their beginning. Please cover Taylor during this time. I’m sitting here crying like I lost my soulmate in Chadwick, I can’t even imagine her current state of mind, but I have faith that she is comforted as she was by his side, until his last breath. Til’ death do they part and I know from what I’ve learned from her as a person, she will uphold Those vows. God continue to bless their marriage. 🙏🏾

Lastly, Chadwick LIVED HIS LIFE AND SIMPLY GAVE HIS LIFE FOR OTHERS. Definition of a selfless man. I’ve directly witnessed this through my father and my favorite uncle who unfortunately passed and even within myself that has been sick and close to near death on certain medications and hospitalizations. Even when some prognosis could have totally changed my whole trajectory of life. Like Chadwick, YOU MUST CONTINUE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE. Someone being told the news that they have a stage III cancer could immediately go into seclusion and focus on treatments that they know will still end their life. What does Chadwick do? Make record breaking movies, attend appearances, award ceremonies, speak at events and commencements for graduation, visit sick children who were suffering with cancer and party with the most elite of elite. All his pictures, with the beautiful African mean mug or his beautiful smile with all his teeth. Chadwick was living a life of ENJOYMENT and it showed. And now we know he could have just came from a chemotherapy session or a surgery, and still came correct in the cleanest of outfits and the flashiest of hairstyles. Chadwick, I APPLAUD YOU. 🙌🏾👏🏾 I always remember some family members even sometimes my sister questioning oh Chi Chi don’t party too hard, don’t drink too much, be careful where you travel and even say the same with my cousin who was suffering from kidney failure who would behave just like me, and my response to that is “You simply just don’t understand until you are in our shoes. I will continue to LIVE LIFE and when I’m gone, you can simply take my phone, look at my photo albums, Facebook, videos and simply reminisce that Chi Chi really enjoyed her life”. PERIODT. I even saw this with my dad and uncle Echere too, they would still travel internationally, drank their drafts and the finest of whiskeys and champagnes and not one picture you could see struggle in their face unless you personally knew. If it got to that point then it’s no time for pictures cuz they didn’t want you to remember them in that way. IT’s JUST THAT SIMPLE. Enjoy your life. YOU DON’T KNOW TOMORROW AND DON’T LET ANY SETBACK DICTATE HOW YOU LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Times where I was seriously emotionally drained over a death that I know will take several months to heal. The death of my father from cancer, my uncle Echere from cancer, Michael Jackson from medicine overdose, Princess Diana from her motor accident and bonding with a real life Princess, and now Chadwick. Chadwick was not only our black SUPERHERO….but he was literally and figuratively our Black ROYALTY.

CHADWICK, WELL DONE. You can now rest knowing you did your God-given purpose on this earth 🌍 and EXCELLED. God be with you and your whole entire family. I’m seriously HURTING. We’ve lost a mate, and now knowing all this revelation, I’ve lost my mate. 🙏🏾

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Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them. ~Vincent McNabb

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