MUVA Bozoma Saint John: ‘The Badass Workshop’…have you enrolled?

Bozoma Saint John, CEO of The Badass Workshop

This lady is GOALS. Look at her transcript, and that serves as evidence to my statement. Call her businesswoman, call her conqueror, call her marketing executive, call her mom, call her daughter, call her WOKE, call her Ghana, whatever you want. This is Bozoma Saint John for you…UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

I won’t gist and give you a total mini-biography about Bozoma right now because I will eventually want to feature her on my ‘celeb TRANSPARENT of the month’ page in the upcoming months. However I will say this, she hails from Ghana (Ms. Black Star herself) 🇬🇭👑, received her Bachelors from Wesleyan University, and is a mother to a beautiful daughter Lael. She is widowed to her lovely husband, the late Peter Saint John. Professionally, Let me at least tell you the last three jobs of Bozoma: marketing executive of Apple Music, chief brand officer at Uber, and most recently, Chief Marketing Officer of Endeavor (WOW). 🙌🏾💁🏾‍♀️

I became acquainted of Bozoma when I read Elaine Welteroth’s New York Time’s best selling book, ‘More than ENOUGH’, where she speaks so highly of Bozoma (i forget the chapter) where they talk about the double-edged sword of succeeding while black. Ever since reading the chapter, I’ve been a fan of Bozoma and made sure to immediately follow her on the Instagram platform. And just as described, this woman is well-connected in the industry and BLESSED with no side strings attached.

This woman is GOALS.

As of this past week, Bozoma announced the launch of workshop entitled ‘The Badass Workshop’. You can visit information about the program here. The mission is to evolve with career, health & wellness, lifestyle, relationships, goals, and so much more….!!!

Enrollment is STILL OPEN!!! All you need to provide are your name and email contact and you should be contacted with further details about the program.  

I’m excited to embark on this journey of the program and look forward to working with my fellow cohort.  With all these hidden gems that this woman possesses, you would be FOOLISH if you chose not to partake.

Cheers to a successful program! 

To follow Bozoma on social media or her initiatives, the information is as followed:

Twitter & Instagram: @badassboz

The Badass Workshop on Instagram: @thebadassworkshop

Website for the Badass Workshop:

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