FREE-ish since 1865: Juneteenth 2020

I was so inspired how we as a people collectively from all different backgrounds came together to commemorate Juneteenth, a historical moment in American history that symbolizes the emancipation of those enslaved in the United States. May you enjoy this small gallery of inspiration as much as I did. Pictures obtained from Instagram.

Following accounts where the pictures came from:

  • @lia_danielss
  • @virgillwalker
  • @esoteric_fervor
  • @i_amjasmyne
  • @fka_pcakes
  • @amyliznieves
  • @lovelanaia
  • @quellasworld
  • @kblx1029
  • @gabrielmichaelbateman
  • @gpierre722
  • @kkorshon
  • @chefraw
  • @iamashleyiman
  • @iambarbiet
  • @sevyndream
  • @convann2
  • @lovemalaha

Published by evalinanoteve

Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them. ~Vincent McNabb

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