How will you define your legacy?

Keke Wyatt (L) at pregnancy photo shoot; Diddy (R) with his children: Chance, adopted son Quincy, D’Lila, Jessie, Justin and Christian Combs.

How will you define your legacy? Many will denote their legacy by their personal accomplishments, while others categorize it by their philanthropic efforts to charities that they were either affiliated with or donate to. Most categorize their legacy by their familial roots through ancestors or their children, and their children’s children, etc. On behalf of my paternal grandfather, who was polygamous, I can say on behalf of his children and the grandchildren that are alive, myself included, that he definitely left a legacy in terms of familial ties even though he is not alive to witness all that has manifested.

On behalf of celebrities that I admire and try to keep up with in the Black community, to equally represent a man and woman, these two hold the throne in terms of numbers when it comes to their familial legacy. Say what you want about their numerous relationships to have this many children, but one thing you can’t argue about is how vested these celebrities are on behalf of the lives of their children. The celebrities I choose to highlight are Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Keke Wyatt.

Earlier this week, Keke Wyatt announced through a baby/pregnancy photoshoot that she is pregnant with her 10th child (WOW)!!!! As a woman in this day and age, more than 2 is a burden to some, if you are fortunate enough to bear a child, and how pregnancy can take a toll on your body I commend Keke, as a woman, for bearing her 10th pregnancy.  Of course she is a celebrity and has the means to financially provide for 10 children aside from her career endeavors and personal life.  I pray for a safe remainder of time being pregnant and delivery of her baby-to-be, that he or she is as healthy as can be.  To follow Keke Wyatt on Instagram: @keke_wyatt

The male celebrity I’ve chosen is Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, who has created a foundation and legacy of himself through his accomplishments career-wise and through his children.  When you catch him primarily on his Instagram, if you don’t catch him with videos of him in the music studio, his outside endeavors, his musicians/artists, you will definitely catch him with classic pictures and videos of his children.  Three of his children are to the late Kim Porter, his oldest adopted son Quincy, as well as Justin and Chance Combs, who is in similar age to the twins.  Overall, his children are doing exceedingly well: Quincy is a musician/actor, King Christian Combs is a rapper, Justin is an actor and former college football athlete at UCLA, the twins recently graduated from their prep school to middle school, while Chance is highlighted frequently on his social media.  I look forward to seeing how all of Diddy’s children will carry on his legacy and how they will build upon the foundation that has been laid out for them.  You can follow Diddy on Instagram: @diddy

I’m not saying having many children determines your success. Many of us can not afford that, but for the ones who choose that route of having more than 3 kids, allow yourself to properly invest in that child so that no opportunity is missed. Your legacy is what you build, but in return what you realize will take care of you in your older years and after you are gone.

Whether you choose to define your legacy by accomplishments, career, charity, and or family….again I ask, HOW WILL YOU DEFINE YOUR LEGACY??

“The great use of life is to spent it for something that will outlast it.” –William James

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Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them. ~Vincent McNabb

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