Year of Reflection: Hello 30

Year of 30, Year of Self-Reflection

Cheers to another decade of life! Late March, March 27th to be specific, I turned 30 years of age.  Many people who know me, know I LOVE to travel and am an extrovert.  However, this time I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to travel by myself, I wanted to commemorate another milestone in age by having a trip of self-reflection with no family nor friends.  I also wanted to travel on the whole other side of the world, somewhere I’ve dreamed of by being mesmerized from pictures.  I chose a well-traveled city in Asia: Phuket, Thailand.

Why the self-reflection? What has occurred in the past decade of my life? Well, several months after I turned 20 years, I lost my father to stage-4 T-cell lymphoma.  Instead of graduating the average four years from undergrad, it took me six years, which involved two semesters for bereavement and time off to deal with my newly diagnosed mental illness.  I then eventually entered graduate school to then lose my favorite uncle also to a different type of cancer a semester short of me graduating.  Both of my graduations, I honored and paid tribute to my fallen relatives.  Close to graduating from my Masters, I started a relationship to the love of my life and friend for 3 years prior Ndubuisi, to then become engaged a year later.  I suffered several losses, while gaining many wins and overcoming obstacles, all in the pursuit of applying to medical school this upcoming cycle.  So this past decade has showed me many life events where a self-reflection should be a requirement.  I simply took every opportunity to seize that moment by doing so on my birthday.

Everybody needs time to self-reflect at some time, if not several periods of their lives.  It allows you to put important things in focus while seeing the trajectory that you have gone.  Do what makes you comfortable while being alone, whether that is a spa date, a good read, retail therapy, devotionals, or anything that allows you to put things into perspective.

For me, I was fortunate enough to combine my moment of self-reflection with something I love: travel.   To get to Phuket, I flew Etihad Airways, with a connection to Abu Dhabi (which I will visit personally another time) to Bangkok, then Bangkok Airways to Phuket.  Both airlines I highly recommend! The service was immaculate.

Enjoy my compilation of short videos and pictures from my trip.

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Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them. ~Vincent McNabb

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